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Social Scientists for Comprehensive Immigration Reform  
"Stop Raids Detentions and Deportations" is a collection of essays written by social scientists on the harmful effects of U.S. immigration policy on citizens, families, and communities in the United States

Are we there yet? World Travels with Three kids
Stories from a mother of three school-age kids who travels the world whenever she gets a chance.

Fourteen months, four countries, and three kids - Tales from the Field 
My husband, three kids and I spent May 28, 2009 to August 13, 2010 traveling to Jamaica, Brazil, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. I intervewed  people who have been deported from the US for a book I am writing. On this blog, I report on my travels, trials, tribulations, travails, and random thoughts.

Weekly Tips on How to Succeed in Academia and Have a Life Too  
This blog is written by Tanya Golash-Boza, PhD, a faculty member and mother of three school-age daughters. It is written for academics and aspiring academics who are looking for support, inspiration, and tips on how to be successful in academia while also enjoying life.

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